Tuesday, August 16, 2005


You know I've been having fun if I don't blog much.

So many things happened! We shall begin with...

Saturday Night.

On the way to pick up the father from the lodge,

So this van was coming out from one of the lorongs along fucked up geylang road and we had stopped because the bugger in front wanted to park. And this joker hit us from behind. The best part is, the lag time between us stopping and him hitting us was like 4 seconds. The joker was obviously NOT BLOODY LOOKING. And the noise was so loud, the fella in front got out of the car to inspect, thinking WE hit him.

And I'm so proud of my mom, so fierce. Don't bloody mess with her man.

Imagine you hit a humble toyota only to have two fierce, bitchy and noisy women hop out and hit you with a "OMG! WTF, ARE YOU GOING TO PAY FOR THIS?!"

And after a while, I realised my mother was fiercer than two of me, so I made myself useful by snapping photos with the phone.

Crab Bee Hoon.

And in a while, I will write about the sunny sunday birthday. Once I get photos. Sigh :)

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