Monday, January 04, 2010

Shellfish and the mass fish deaths

During the last few days, good low tides have coincided with the new year holidays -- this means lots of people at the beach! Seriously now, going for a cycle along East Coast Park and Changi Beach during the long weekend would have been a feat fraught with peril: peril of colliding with children, picnic mats and stray soccer balls.

This means there's also lots of people out to explore the shore when the low tide exposed much of the intertidal. Most people were out enjoying the expansive shore, sadly, many were there poaching.

This is a huge sack of oysters chiseled off the sea walls of East Coast.

A man collected these huge clams from the shore and was hawking them to passersby along Changi Beach.

Given the recent reports of mass fish deaths and unhealthy waters off Pasir Ris, Changi and Ubin, shellfish like clams and oysters which are filter-feeders are probably the last things you'd want to eat! Some toxins cannot be denatured by cooking, and goodness knows should some poor sod eat those oysters raw :O

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