Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Colugo at MacRitchie

Recently, the goat and I ventured to MacRitchie reservoir to conquer the tree tops -- we got more than we expected: 1. We got lost = extra mileage that made up about 10KM. and 2. We saw a fat Colugo! Coochiicoochiikoo kind of Colugo.

It was just when we were making our arduous descent from the tree top walk having been through the trail-with-no-end, and paused as we approached a small group of ang mohs, discreet in demeanor save for the large jungle hats they donned and the even larger cameras they handled.

I squealed quietly (it is possible) as I spotted their furry find: a red Colugo! My few previous encounters with Colugos were all of the grey variety so this was particularly fascinating! Also, this fella was so low to the ground and near the trail that we very easily crept up to about 2 metres away to take its picture. It was so close, I was reminded of that incident some years back where some local pranksters practically murdered a mother and baby Colugo pair with a slingshot.

Trust our locals to ignore certain natural wonder as a few parties of noisy families and teenagers trudged past our motley crew of oh, about 6 or 7 of us, completely oblivious to the furry treehugger.

We later found out that the bunch of ang mohs were visiting from Australia and one of them was a professional nature videographer. How nice.

We made our way out to civilisation, sweaty, utterly exhausted and parched from the noon sun, when the ang mohs proudly announced that their next stop was Bukit Timah Hill. We were very impressed, given the heat. They were only in town for a few days, they said. Pity, we were going to offer to take them to Ubin that weekend.

That's me faint from the noon sun. Funny huh? It wasn't very funny at the time though :X

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lekowala said...

Nice pictures of the creature, they are lovely and show the nice colour of the colugo. Good stuff.