Sunday, June 01, 2008

Alexandria, Egypt

Merchant selling poached sea creatures (site of the Lighthouse at Alexandria in background) -- including numerous cowries, sea stars, conchs, hard corals, red sponges, small sharks and a turtle shell. More photos of Alexandria here.

Alexander the Great, forever immortalized in the city of Alexandria, founded Egypt's major port that served as her capital for thousands of years. Famous for her ancient lighthouse -- one of the ancient wonders of the world, prolific with tales of the gargantuan beacon guiding many a wary traveller in ancient times -- Alexandria's picturesque Mediterranean coastline and city center is sprawling with Greek and Roman architecture.

A castle is now built atop the ruins of the ancient lighthouse, now turned obligate tourist destination. Many merchants display their wares, flanking the path leading up to the castle. Alexandria's vibrant street life, lovely Mediterranean weather and beautiful cityscape make her my favourite city in Egypt.

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