Saturday, April 05, 2008

We've been adopted

We've been adopted by a gray-brown mottled tabby I've affectionately been calling "my pygmy cat from downstairs" because she is so small and she lives downstairs. Recently she's been skulking around my doorstep after months of bounding across my feet walking me home when I come home late at night.

We only started feeding her when we spied a large gaping wound at her tailbone area and attempted to help her recover by feeding her well. I figure she must be hiding from what/whoever inflicted that large wound on her. She unfortunately would not allow herself to be human-handled when we tried to treat the wound.

It's been a week and the wound is finally scabby. She's now warmed up to us and her virgin purring session was seriously intense! She loves her kibble and bit of string but isn't allowed into the house -- yet (she's attempted to stary inside many times when we weren't looking). We'll see how this goes.


Anonymous said...

Agagooga said...

Why are you playing with pussies now :(

animalfamily said...

thanks for helping, and adopting, this cat. i don't know why someone would do something to a harmless thing like that but looks like she is in good hands now. if at all possible, try to sterilise her if she doesn't spot a tipped ear already. that's probably the best thing you can do for a street cat, improves their health and saves them from being caught and culled. all the best with pygmy :)