Monday, December 10, 2007

A bunny's (second) life

Because I haven't installed Photoshop on this machine (which is why I'm grumpy and have not been updating) I attempted to make a collage of some second life snapshots on Power-effing-point 2007, which has a weird user interface by the way. Because also, these snapshots are of good quality they didn't need editing. I wish I could say the same for my photos of my first life, of which I've neglected to post bad photos of 3 huge but very dead mud crabs I prodded at East Coast 2 Sundays ago at low tide.

So having completed Puzzle Pirates in less than a day, and having the other game I loaned turn out to be broken (!!), staying in on this wet cold Sunday only means to finally get down to exploring second life once and for all, since I'm going to need it for work very soon.

The Singaporean community on second life is small but very friendly, and their domain on second life, otherwise known as Kaki Isles, is so well done-up I spent the entire afternoon exploring and interacting the objects and spaces there. Some kind regulars took me around and showed me some cool hide-outs, while my second visit saw me invited to a small informal gathering of sorts, as you can tell from the snapshot at the bottom -- a motley crew indeed.

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