Sunday, November 18, 2007

Vista is pretty

But omg I hope you support my version of Photoshop, among other software, and my vast library of mp3s that hail from dubious origins.

Having shut down on me for the first time, I dug out my recovery discs in my diy effort to reawaken the laptop, only to grab the (ublabelled) vista recovery discs, instead of my XP that was separate since I purchased it as a downgrade from sucky vista.

But nevermind, I will see how this goes.

Now I'm awkardly bobbing around this strange new platform, this odd OS that can't decide if it wants to be a mac or PC. But intuitively, thank goodness, things are still where they usually are. Windows open with this floating, dissolving finnesse. They close equally gracefully. Startup sounds are very flighty feminine, and alert sounds are just as subtle. Mouse over icons yield a gentle pop up preview. This is almost like owning a brand new machine.

Having spent an entire day in resigned sluggishness, mostly from my 4-hour shift at the AVA roadshow yesterday, but also mourning the loss of my many pictures, including holidays in Bintan, Krabi, and animals spotted on field trips and dog shows, I have earned myself a great big headache.

I gaze at this sleek, black machine in disdain, wondering how she managed to fail me in between episodes of Battlestar Galactica, while I fooled around with the iLike application on Facebook.

I've mourned enough, I figure, I'll just have to pick up the inventory again. I'm installing Call of Cthulhu as a christening present for this new old machine. (The library has an awesome collection of games.)

And then after that, I'm settling in on episode 3 of season 3 of BSG. Sadly, Lee Adama is fat now, and the soundtrack also sucks in this season.

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