Thursday, October 04, 2007


There's simply so much to do these days. When I'm not at work, I rather spend my free time with the family and friends, doing meaningful things like go on a beachfleas trip and paint my nails; I mean, other than blogging.

In between the work piling up (but it's enjoyable, creative work so that's ok), cyber-loafing, having long, decadent lunches, and thinking about how many things I've been meaning to blog about (there is Krabi part 3, Bintan-paloooza, field trip to Changi beach, among other things), I have been dog-sitting.

Well, I don't mean to take much credit since the folks have been coddling the fur-ball most of the time, but this one sure is a handful. And not because she is messy and gross, but because she is needy as hell.

She is what I'd call, simply put, a lap-dog. No, not those you find in Lapland. The kind you find perched atop the nearest lap, soaking in the tickles and pats and coo-coo's like an SPG soaks in the sun topless while on a crowded beach -- I mean to say, loving the attention.

I give you Girl. She goes by no other (I knew a dog once, his name was Come Here). She is a pure white schnauzer.

This stupid dog (I mean that so damned affectionately you can so tell I'm sure.) has never gone for a walk outside her home, has a set of shoes to wear for goodness knows what occasion, and does not know how to climb stairs. Unfortunately for us, she attempted to on the second night of her stay, only to freak out 4 steps up because she didn't dare venture up, or down.

After trimming the hair off her paws (it was like trying to slide around on friggin' pom poms on a marble floor is how bad it was) and clipping her nails, and one night of coaching (yelp-filled I assure you), she managed to make it up unassisted tonight. We only do this because Girl is needy as hell and requires company as she sleeps.

She also neatly blends in with the marble floor of the living room which makes her hard to spot. That and her small size (about the size of 2 jack russell terriers) resulted in a number of near-tramplings on her furry behind.

We still haven't figured out if she understands English or Mandarin as details about her original home are sketchy. We also doubt her intelligence (though there is something there looking back as we gaze into her eyes) since she is severely lacking in any external stimuli like, say, other dogs, more than 3 humans at a time, and smells of the road, grass, other dogs, and well, everything else other than food and her home. And she has a silly name.

I think the girl is collecting her tomorrow and that would mark the end of our little 4-day dog-sitting adventure. The folks definitely enjoyed it, I can tell.

And I think I admit I'll miss this furry one when she leaves. I remember what it's like to have a dog again and after this whole year without one, Girl's presence is bittersweet; though I'm sure Socks would be forgiving if she knew I said it was more sweet than bitter.


Anonymous said...

socks is still #1.

- kay

bunny said...

kay - no question! miss her so much.

mehmeh said...

what an incredulous spoilt.. bitch.