Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kusu and other trips

surprising kusu
Today at Sungei Buloh marked the end of the anemone trips with Dr. Daphne and aw I wasn't there. Interview this morning went well but that's beside the point. Having tagged along and trying to be a useful eyeball on the trips to Changi, Hantu, Sisters and Kusu, I've become rather fond of Dr. Daphne; she's patient and sweet when I ask silly questions and there's certainly lots we've all learnt from her. She leaves on Sunday and we're all sad to see her go. She's such a joy to have on field trips; always chirpy despite the back-to-back pre-dawn mud treading. Thanks Ria and RMBR for making these trips happen.


YC said...

yeah you do ask silly questions alright eheheh

kungfubunny said...

eh.. not always. boo. you weren't there when i was... asking the intelligent ones.