Friday, April 06, 2007

Betraying my arachnid calling

check out those jaws omgwtf

You really must visit this site at Calacademy and read about and watch these amazing critters in action. They make our ferraris and dewalts look dated! Madagascar is simply amazing. The saddest thing is that at the rate we're clearing our forests and damaging the environment, all these fascinating animals, and those we've yet to discover, will disappear forever. I mean, check out the jaws on that bugger! I stumbled upon this while reading up on the first truely social spitting spiders for my thesis.

Meanwhile, do visit a new link on the sidebar for really cool insect photography!!! Like this photo of a living bridge of Eciton burchelli, an army ant from america.

how cool

In other news, um, well there's no other news. Nothing that screams a compelling need to be splat updated on the blog. Well, there was the honours presentation which was on Tuesday that went surprisingly well, to my relief, despite being allocated two evolution profs, one of whom has feared notoriety for being, well, frightening. Luckily, the hours of last minute reading, support from some lab people (and surprisingly, a supportive Mr. Hsu who turned up to marvel at everybody's project on the day itself) as well as some quick thinking at some tough questions, I'd think I pulled through rather alright. Now that the thesis draft is finally done, it's time to do some serious proof reading, and then it's on to a 3 day sprint to research and prepare for the next term paper and presentation, which then leaves me a week to study for 3 papers. Like many people tell me, I'm really stretching myself for the last semester as an undergrad. What a way to go.

Oh, and Mr. Mort committed suicide some time on Wednesday, probably by violently hurling himself out of the tank, onto my desk, possibly flip-flopping around until he found the edge, and plummetted to the floor, and died from desiccation. Meme think it's cos I cursed him with the name Mr. Death and gave him bad luck to begin with, which could explain why Mr. Thor is so strong and healthy now. I might just name my next one 'Scurvy' and see what happens, while we're testing this naming phenomenon.

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