Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Field trip again

I'm feeling a little guilty dragging 3 grad students with me up to Gombak to help me in my collection, and especially dear jaded Jeremy, who really has better things to do, assuming he has more fun grading papers and cursing "pesky undergraduates" every few minutes than driving 3 girls up to ulu land and back, putting up with our inane nonsense.

So we got lost a few times, in particular trying to get out of a rather tricky situation with the 10123 flyovers just outside UM in KL, trying to navigate in wonderful Malaysian road planning, to get on the right highway out of the damned place. Though we were panicky about the fuel guage most of the trip, we neglected to check it on the way back and had to detour in Kulai and got lost in the process of finding a Petronas petrol kiosk. We were more than ready to battle it out with the mozzies and cold water at the Gombak field station again, (un)fortunately, there was some camp going on there and we were forced to spend my precious grant money on a luxurious stay in the Genting hotels. Oh, heated water, oh electricity, oh, no mosquitoes!

After a whole day of collection at Gombak, we managed to catch almost 40 specimens. That's 3 times as many as the first time. So we rewarded ourselves with a trip up to the top of Genting to watch Casino Royale. Oh James, you are so manly. Your manliness is just too much for me. Oh. Oh. Mmmmhfhgfsdkjshfjgarow;ie;fisdjvncx.

Then of course, we get lost on the way up to Cameron, but it's ok. We managed. Thank goodness for the GPS.

Back to reality at home and a week's worth of study, yesterday's animal paper just blew me away. Don't worry, I've mourned and gotten over it somewhat.

note: see previous post for more field trip photos.

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mehmeh said...

ok. now i know what's the difference between going on field trip with animal biologists and plant biologists.

kungfubunny said...

oh mehmeh! did the froggeh make you squirm? sorreh. XD

Anonymous said...

it made me squirm too. frgos. frsogs. gfogs. frogs. i can't even type them right.

- kay