Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Inane. I hope your eyes don't bleed.

So I went fleaing on Saturday with Tam and Sheep, the slacker I am, dodging the hazy air that was giving me a splitting headache, we scooted indoors whenever we could. The crowds certainly didn't help with the nausea. That aside, it is now evident that a flailing financial situation does not affect the compulsive way I spend the minute I smell freedom at the weekend. To cut a long story short, and spare myself the guilt-trip, I've procured myself some pieces of frivolous accessories and a very nice jacket, of which I am particularly proud of, and can hardly wait to hit the streets with it. Now, if only the air would improve a mite.

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1 comment:

h.dawg said...

hawt spendthrift bunny! the jacket looks damn cool, very Burberryish. great necklace too, where'd ya get it? any chance of some close ups? ;)