Friday, September 22, 2006

Super bunny

I've just spent an ENTIRE DAY cutting up a 1h 39 minute movie into over 50 smaller clips for my media project and I am now replaying entire visuals of the movie editing interface in my head. I am dizzy with the image of Nicole Kidman screaming her head off, replaying over and over in my head because it took me a while to cut it at that precise milli-second to get it just right. How wonderful it is that I am an anal-retentive perfectionist.

My right wrist aches and my eyes are bleeding but that is welcomed pain considering the stress I went through fretting over faulty conversions of the damned mpeg file in the first place. But thank goodness for Abs and WQ (who kindly sent over a pro-DVD ripping software - HELLO PRO-BUNNY PIRATE - 'Avast - me'hearties XD if they ask, you did not read this.). After painstakingly removing several old programmes no longer in use just to free up enough space to write the files to CD, I realise how timely it is that I've recently procured a new toy - a spanking new 80GB Samsung portable harddisk. ENVY ME. For only $129.80 everything included.

No, don't envy me. Or do. I'm not sure - for this bunny, after cramming a week's worth of work into one day, is about to embark on a muddy, sweaty, very humid and leech-ridden field trip this coming term break, starting at 7am this Sunday. Welcome to Malaysia, land of low-quality, bad roads, untouched natural heritage and politically incorrect politicians. I will be on my quest for spitting spiders, big and small, pregnant or not pregnant, virgin or non-virgin :D Is this lingo too much for you to take eh, dear bunny fans???! YES THERE ARE SUCH THINGS AS VIRGIN SPIDERS - DEAL WITH IT. Look it up. Google it or whatever. Don't look so traumatised.

Insect repellent - check. Leech socks - check. One pair of pants for 5 days - check. Ringgit - check. Collection bottles - check. Enthusiasm - I'll let you know later.

Wish me luck, and hope to Thor I won't get sucked dry up there.

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Anonymous said...

now you know the torture i went through for my video classes - i took 2 such modules and they near killed me. ack. talking about it is making me nauseous.

come back soon and tell us about ur edventuressssss.

- kaykay