Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Meet the cyber bunny

Hah, this was fun :D It's probably as accurate as you can get, sans the lean figure of course. I'm almost always kneeling to coddle a random doggy. Honest!
[Update] Random doggy has been replaced once I saw a collie/sheltie on meez! Whee~ there's Socks! Complete with a tee that says "Tree Hugger": this is The Bunny :D

A birthday post when I have the energy. Excuse me while I sneeze for the 1235876th time today. *dribbles*


YC said...

bleah. this mees thingy is teh sucky sucky - aint got no option for any facial scuzz! nyeh.

samuraibunny said...

happymabirthday bunny that is not me!

kungfubunny said...


samuraibunny said...

ohohohohohohohohoh! kayliii has something to tell u. actually i do also. but this kind of juicy stuf has a way of travelling on the internet so ummmm i guess it's a race to see who can tell u first.