Sunday, August 20, 2006

INXS Switched On in Singapore 2006

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I eagerly anticipated the 17th of August this year because I was going to stand in the front row where I can smell INXS when they come out to perform in the flesh, right. in. front. of. ME.

No matter we got crazy cranky and faint while waiting for the band to show, only to have J.D. lead them out an hour late at 9pm donning a suit, yellow tie, aviators and a bloody glass of white wine.

Kicking off with a killer Suicide Blonde, all was forgiven in a flash. And I was thrilled they performed the classics like Mystify, Original Sin, Never Tear Us Apart, Need You Tonight, Don't Change, Devil Inside, Baby Don't Cry, Taste It and the truly crowd pleasing New Sensation. Gosh, was I going crazy. It's not easy to describe how high it was to sing and dance along with them as they sang Pretty Vegas and Hot Girls, the latter punctuated with hot sexy moves that make you feel faint with that sudden hormonal rush XD.

I have testimony that even some dead straight boys may consider a change in orientation after witnessing J.D. Fortune on stage. Oh swoons.

The only pity is that with all that charisma and energy oozing from him, J.D. couldn't help but make this gig all about him. I'm not really complaining, but you have to be pretty fucking amazing to make a 30-year-old band disappear behind you on stage.

And I managed to get a good video of Hot Girls. :D:D

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