Saturday, July 08, 2006

To answer

[Updated on 11 July]

To answer to all of you, as if I owe you all an explanation, the ominous question: "What has the bunny been up to these days?"

If you were thinking the bunny has been making herself useful, you are probably half right. If you were thinking the bunny was bumming around and spending money, you got the other half right. The bunny is not shy to admit these things. Because I'm spent from typing the previous post flaming someone who can't even get his blog layout right, I will blog in pictures.

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Sunday breakfasts at the beach.

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Weekly fleas with YC and Sheep. This was taken at the recent Maad flea at Red Dot. This designer put together lamps from unconventional display pieces, like say, this "NOT FOR HIRE" taxicab top and even detergent bottles.

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"Free Magic Stones" seen on floor at the Maad flea.

We managed to get excellent material for TCP there. The Maad flea shouldn't really be called a flea since many things were brand new and overpriced. Then again, it should probably have been called a designer showcase. Amazing stuff featured, my favourites were paulMysh art for photography and other artwork, and whitedogbobby, who got featured in TCP.

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More grafitti we encountered off Rochor Canal Road while getting lost finding Kelantan St.: Random worn flooring at a coffee shop, "Think Tities (sic, I'm sure LOL)", "[...] Date of completion: NEVER! [...]", "Stolen bikes ride faster".

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Jokes. Note "No loitering sign". Taken at Farrer Park station post-Little India gluttony.

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Feeding the resident lizard living under the microwave.

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On field trip to the Mangroves on the first day of Semester 4; watch out for crocs at Sungei Buloh. I hear it was erected (the sign) after one or two sightings only. I like to think it's an excuse to put up such a cool sign.

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Out chilling with the girls, we walked past the new Supreme Court, its entire facade decorated with slabs of symmetrical marble like this. I call this Vagina Building.

Twice to three times a week, I head down to the SPCA to walk the dogs. Partly for the great workout (brisk walking for 2+ hours), but mostly because I just love the dogs there so much. Some pics taken from this morning since it was pouring so we couldn't take the dogs out. Instead we stuck around to comb them all down. My favourite dogs, in no order of preference:

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Bobo, sweetest mutt in the kennel. Medium-sized mongrel that nobody wants to adopt. Why??

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Brownie the bearded collie, whose beard got sheared.

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At feeding time. My two favouritest dogs in the kennel: Roscoe the husky (left) and Hugo the Alaskan Malamut. The biggest dogs there (after the great dane) but with the sweetest, most docile yet playful natures. Roscoe's howling "Food! Food! Food! Food!"

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Hugo: "Whatchoo lookin' at?!" I like to think he speaks with a southern drawl like some old mid-west cowboy heh heh.

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Roscoe: "Hugo got more food than me?"

I would've gone into their kennels or taken them out to take some better shots but at feeding time it's not the wisest thing to do.

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Other animals: Cat ass, Hugo and I out on a walk, new kitten additions to the cattery.


Fai said...

I have always wanted to go there and walk the dogs/play with them... but until today i still dunno how to get to SPCA~ :\

and omg~ its a lizard!
last time i had one whole bunch of them in my house... then during dinner time they would automatically come to the dinner table there and ask for rice! so damn cute! :D

h.dawg said...

yeah they're cute alright. but it could all change in an instant. never get between a dawg and his meal!

Yujin said...

hey you,

found your blog by chance over at xialanxue when you left a comment. Recognise that photo anywhere. :P


Anonymous said...



- Baa

kungfubunny said...

fai)) go down and visit! it's near paya lebar in the macpherson area, can visit for info on volunteering.

dawg)) heh you would know :p

eugene)) omgomgomogomg :D long time no see!!!

sheep)) and lizards are adorable as shit *dance*

h.dawg said...

wait a minute, BEARDED dawg?? how's that work? does it shave? freak!

one more day :):):)

kungfubunny said...

yeah. he's supposed to look like this.
hard to imagine right!!! lol. cuteness. gonna update this post with fresh dawg pics. look out!