Saturday, July 15, 2006


Hello bunny lovers. Thanks for tuning in.

Before I leave for Tioman I'd just like to get some things off my mind:

1. To the jokers folks at Singapore Idol and Mediacorp; can you please do something about your sound system/audio feed? All the viewers at home and unwilling cummuters forced into watching TV mobile can hear is girly screaming, SCREECHING and wailing while the contestants are singing. Simply unacceptable. You wonder how people vote.

Also, would you please just kick out all the girls except Matilda because all this weekly voting is retarded given we already know that the girls are just pretty faces that can't mew, and even though the boys are ugly, I cringe less when they sing. So there. Please spare us the agony. Gods.

Not that I care, if I'm not having it forced upon me on the bus when my mp3 player dies on me, since Rockstar Supernova screens at the same time.

Cable vs Free-to-air channels: 123187634 - nil.

2. Had that lecture from the mother again. About religion and marriage. And about thinking clearly and wisely and standing up for myself. She seems to think that I'm getting married and someone's already proposed. This is really not the best timing for such heavy discussions. Wails.

3. I don't think I need to apologise about being depressing these past weeks. Thank you to all who have asked what's wrong and "why is the bunneh depressed" etc etc. I can't answer anyway so please, thanks, but I'm sorry if I snub you.

4. I really wish sometimes I weren't as pessimistic as I am. I wish to [insert deity here] that I enjoy the trip. 6 freaking days in Tioman, I'd surely be sick of the beach by day 3.

5. Sheep please go give Hugo a pat and a hug for me this week. I selfishly hope he doesn't get adopted til I get back. Oh I'm SO HORRIBLE.

6. The dawg is BACK!

I wish I were stronger. Why am I so weak, so emotional and so afraid to show it? Mind over matter eh, well my mind just isn't strong enough.

Maybe I will find answers while counting fish, waddling in the mangroves and stepping on sea urchins. Wish me luck.

For bunny junkies out there (I think there are less than 2 of you) here's some comfort to keep you feeling all warm and fuzzy this coming week, while the bunny is stuck on an island where phone reception is "intermittent" and there is zilch internet access:

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Yujin said...

hey, didn't know that the bunny was down, but cheer up k? and lucky you - you getto go to a beach!!! I would soooooooo like to go to Tioman and zhou bo for a few days myself. Just go ad chill out there lah. Think that will help you. :)

kungfubunny said...

eugene you bitch lol. aren't you already zhuo-bo'ing? my greatest fear now is precisely to zhuo bo man. but i'll be fine. :D go sentosa la. *grin*

Anonymous said...

were u down because of youknowyouknow of was there some other reason? no right?

i want to kill a particular selfish stupid bastard with initials Z. L.

eeeyurgh i also want to go tioman. tany's bday how ?

- kaykay

kungfubunny said...

kay)) everything sucks la. let's hope tioman is fun. we should kill him together man, tho i still dunno the whole story. shits the shits this is the shits. july ain't a good month for all of us.

Anonymous said...

All those girls in the SI studop audience only know how to scream scream and scream.

They drown out the idols singing, the judges comments[!] and Gurmit talking[crap]. I really think they should have better crowd controllers in the studio to manage the cheering and screaming. Its annoying to hear and watch!

kungfubunny said...

yes it IS annoying. and sounds really badly produced. it's embarassing just watching it.

mehmeh said...

I am gonna kidnap u into my room and do a threesome on the beach in tioman. hyuks. *guffaws.

kungfubunny said...

mehmeh.. i know at least 2 boys who would be a bit uncomfortable with that idea :D

Anonymous said...

Poor Sockies.


- Baa