Thursday, June 15, 2006

Between a rock and a hard place

I can't imagine which is worse:

Having the Idol franchise, Jamie Cullum and our friends in the region think that our Singapore Idol contestants are really the cream of our talent pool when

  1. The judges give out compliments without considering whether this person can sing, or merely has "potential" (Even I have potential can. There's nothing to be proud of if you can carry a tune without delivering control, vocal power and quality showmanship.)
  2. Dick Lee tries to be Singapore's Simon Cowell with such stupido clever comments like "You have blossomed from a potato to a cauliflower. (Smiles widely)" [Ok, what did that mean?]
  3. Jacintha and Florence say everyone can sing. "I like you!!"
  4. How everyone doesn't take Ken's voice of reason seriously. Hey, he may have a chao bin, but he makes bloody sense most of the time.
  5. Idol is not just about attitude ok. It seems pathetic that we have to resort to picking a good performer by his/her attitude. The $1 tissue paper lady has attitude. The "make love not war" mime at the Lido underpass has attitude.
  6. The best part is, the media cannot criticise them!! Don't forget, everything is owned by the same mega-media-conglomerate!!!!!!!! Just like everything else is owned by Big Brother!
  7. And the judges have to be nice and try to be funny and pretty, otherwise, next Idol no more job for them. But then again, we might just be stuck with these people for every other Idol season anyway, since how many experienced people in the music industry are as camera friendly as these 4 jokers?

Or that Singapore's CNB is now known for its unethical entrapment methods, and that the press and government representatives have made the poor doctor out as a homosexual nymphomaniac junkie. He's only become another matyr in the fight against discrimination towards homosexuals. The state is either too afraid of a public outcry (mainly religious in nature), or is upholding the laws of the bible instead of those of a secular state.

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