Thursday, April 20, 2006

Maybe they pulled their hair out

omg omg OMG. I never knew anyone could lose that much hair at any one time, but what I witnessed in the bathroom just now is just testament to what exam stress can do to you. Mind you, I shower in this bathroom every day so when I say this is an EXCEPTIONAL amount of hair, it's really an EXCEPTIONAL amount of hair.

I say, I should be blogging about the things that matter (in life?). Well these are things that matter to me. Holding a towel to my chest, shivering in the cool humid air of the bathroom, shuttling from cubicle to cubicle going "Oh my gawd... (opens next cubicle) OH MY GAWD... (opens next) OMFG!#$%&@?!" is NOT WHAT I WANT TO DEAL WITH RIGHT NOW.

I remember a semester ago, during the exam period, Meme and I and the boys held vigil (not really) in the Central Library and one night, I was an unfortunate witness of a strange bathroom act, which led me to get tomorrowed by kimberly. Following that harrowing entry, Clement blogged about a Chinese girl who insisted on bringing her steaming hot fish beehoon soup into the library and savour it in the Reference section.

It is thus very timely to bitch once again about the strange abcesses that wreak havoc in the Central Library during reading period.

Not long ago, many would have heard about the peeping tom incident in the boy's bathroom, where a certain friend of a friend of a friend (NUS is not that big la) got peeped at while doing his *ahem*. Certainly, a wannabe nerd like me didn't know about this, having only set foot in the Central Library proper the week before reading week. I had the privilege to hear it from Clement, roving reporter himself, whose friend managed to interview this peep-ee (no pun no pun!!). So apparently, signs were put up warning other boys of this peep-er, and a string of violent graffiti sprung up, "So Brokeback" and "Bloody Gays!" scrawled here and there.

Never thought this would happen huh? Apparently it happened in Engineering too.

No matter, this hilarious incident hasn't made people avoid the library. In fact, for every day since last week, the library has been packed from ca. 9am. No, not packed with people, but packed with people's belongings.

Suffice to say, people are superstitious and prefer to save seats for ghosts that will be angered if their library were fully packed.

No, these things belong to the fine, young studs who manage to haul their asses out of bed at 7am and queue outside before the library opens, so that they can save ~10 seats for their party of 5, slated to appear say, around lunchtime.

Hey, if your friend has the courtesy to turn up early, I don't have a problem with you saving the seats for a few hours. But having your stuff strewn over the damn place for half a day before your stupid friend turns up in the middle of the afternoon is just plain inconsiderate. He/she doesn't make you look very good.

Then you and your party of 5 proceed to have a nice noisy study session while everyone around you has to shush you every 5 minutes. Very pleasant indeed.

So there. I took a break from the insanity today. The smell of recycled air, the Engin ah beng's cheap cologne, the smell of carpets and photocopying machines, and the sound of giggly girls rustling packets of candy...

But I'll be back again tomorrow.

Hark! I think I hear a neighbour walking past my door. I will go complain to her about the hair on the bathroom floor.


YC said...

yeech. maybe she's on cancer treatment or better yet she's actually been irradiated too much? is that too much to hope for?

at least youdidnt get a pad in the shower ah.

yc *yeeech* out.

@BEL said...

It's sad you think of Engin guys and Engineering like that. I feel discriminated. Hmph.

kungfubunny said...

O.O not all ah. just that one behind meh. tapping foot some more. grr. i know one engin guy who smells great au naturale. can guess who? (!!!)

Anonymous said...

Bunneh! Why are you taking photos of our... washrooms?! It's... so... so... invasive! XDXDXD

- Baa