Friday, January 13, 2006

I'd like to buy some HTF crap

When you look at any sort of merchandise there's the typical tee-shirt, caps, key chains and shit. But omg, I want one of these utterly useless pieces of CUTENESS.

: Lumpy "Head Trip" Air freshener (Wouldn't you want that hanging in your car?!), Cuddles "Banana SPLIT" Banana lip gloss (LIP GLOSS!!), Toothy "Feel the burn!" Death mints (My favourite), Giggles "Blow my mind!" Death Mints.

And the ultimate Happy Tree Friends companion: the Head Trip bag.

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xcake said...

I've bought the mints before. They taste really good!

Unfortunately, my singaporean friends insisted that I give them the containers :(

meme said...

oh my bugger. u're a htf-consumer-whore. I'M HOME!

kungfubunny said...

cemel: the containers are the main draw! "feel the burn" omg damn funny.

meme!! eh i fed your spiders on friday so u can relak there.