Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Gripe (n.): What Australians use to make wine

You know what I will never understand?
1. Why children can never watch where they are going (and if you run into them, you are always at fault)

2. Why aunties who would usually complain about back aches
and arthritic joints never fail to bulldoze their way through a thick
crowd in the MRT station, or shove a strong, virile young man aside while
boarding the bus

3. Why people bother to use headphones when they play their music at full
blast only to impose upon others within a 2 metre radius their horrendous
selection of Eurotrash or ah beng techno

4. read: #3, during early morning rush hour on a packed train

5. Why when your parents meet up with old schoolmates they invariably dive
into a discussion about the various ailments that plague them in certain parts
of their anatomy too embarassing to mention on this blog

6. Why when you ask for "kopi, siu dai" the auntie never
takes you seriously. Eh, some people may be diabetic dammit.

7. Why people keep abusing the use of the word "whereby"

8. Why some people use commas every chance they get

9. Why so many people don't know the difference between "everyday" and
"every day". It disturbs me.


meme said...

so. what's the difference in #9?

kungfubunny said...

meme i miss you! -.-

"everyday life", "everyday activity" vs.

"I go to school every day"

HSBC ad stimulated this gripe.

meme said...

lianabunnehtang!! i'm so scared! results coming out coming out coming out! yikes. and what modules are we taking next semester? how come i dont see u online? how come how come how come? euuuuuuuughh.

greeneyedsinner said...

i also don't see her online meme. so strange. liana is missing.


No card, you don't get to eat. I'll feed you only plain water. Muahahahahah.

Mykel said...

Spot on for the "whereby" bit.


kungfubunny said...

meme i'm scared too!! nervous bunny :S how? grr. now i go online and all mah bitches are offline *&#$

btw, spencer called!!! he's back and guess where he's been the past few days lol.