Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Selfish bastards

I can't believe I'm doing this but yes, I will.

Because I'm so annoyed right now I just have to bastardise this piece of blogdom and do something girls like to call "ranting". I say girls because, well it is true, the word "rant" has always more often been used by girls. Don't ask why I noticed. And I don't like that word also cos it's been used to death by angsty adolescent bimbos.

You know what gets me really annoyed?

When people who haven't spoken to you for years (read: YEARS), let alone met up with you, suddenly pop up on your MSN window saying "Hello, care to do a survey for me?" without so much as a "hello", "how are ya doing?" or even a courtesy "hey what's up".

YEARS ok I'm not exaggerating. This asshole from primary school whom I've not seen since primary 5 sends me a 5-page long ass survery about SUNBLOCK. SUN-FUCKING-BLOCK. Wtf. I don't use sunblock. Even if I did, how can you expect me to rank 6 different brands of sunblock? Who has bought 6 different brands of sunblock? And expect me to rank parameters like texture, price, scent, packaging and ohmigawd just fuck off BITCH.

And the other dude? Got a girlfriend and never spoke to any of his friends again. And months later an MSN window pops up with a message from him, and all of us squeal in wonder, amazed that he actually initiated a chat.

"Hey man can ya do a survey for me?"

[insert vulgar finger here]


That's not the worst bit. The worst bit is resending the message again, days later, not remembering that you already bloody sent it to me you asshole. If you don't give a shit about whether I exist, why should you expect me to fill up a survey, only to waste 10 minutes of my life, 1o minutes of my life that I would much rather spend surfing gay porn, looking for Boy George wallpapers or stuffing boogers into my neighbour's shoes.

People like that should just go into their selfish reclusive little corner and let the spiders, rats and dust bunnies consume them from every orifice available.

No more lil'miss nice bunny.

[*Edit] What is this?! Frickin' survey lollapaloooooooza??! It happened again, another one asking me to fill in a survey tonight. And this is also a girl whom I have not spoken to in at least a year. And the best part is that she doesn't even WAIT for me to say "ok sure I'll fill it up, after all I'm the survey bunny, I fill in surveys on eves of public holidays like tonight which is the eve of hari raya and even though I was thinking of relaxing at home for once away from the stuffy hostel room I should perform my civic duty as a survey bunny and fill up any survey you throw at me" she frickin' sends me the damn document anyway. Twice. Cos I refused to receive it the first time. And now I'm pretending to be away ROT IN HELL YOU FAT BITCH.

What's the deal man? I don't owe you anything. Why do you think that just because you want them to, these people have to agree to doing a damn survey? And you don't even have the decency to respect me enought to wait for me to say "ok" before sending the damned thing to me? Why? WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR EQ?!


On a side note, just for the girls who didn't know and had to learn the hard way, never take your boyfriend's fashion advice. First of all, if he actually had to give you advice, you either squeezed it out of him ["Ehh... think I should cut my hair? (I dunno, looks fine to me.) Huur? Ehh.... (It's ok what) Are you sure? I don't need a haircut? (Naw la you're fine.) Really? But it's really messy. (Erh, okaaay maybe just a trim.) Are you saying my hair looks bad??"] or you might actually need it.

And of course, if this advice given backfires [i.e. "OMFG THIS IS THE WORST BLARDY HAIRCUT I'VE EVER GOTTEN MISTER W** YOU DIEEEEEE YOU ARE GONNA BUY ME ICE CREAM. No less than haagen daz belgian chocolate. (stare)"] don't blame the boyfriend. You must understand that boyfriends are poor defenseless creatures who are always in lose-lose situations. Cut 'em some slack la.


Am so glad I got throught today from 8am to 8pm. The presentation went better than planned (if planned at all) and the test, well, bah. Too mediocre. But hey, did it with a nagging migraine. Can't complain.


I badly miss the girlies. I wonder if they've been reading me. Bitches.

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meme said...

you farkin' beeeetch!!

mister w** said...

thanks man. i owe you one hehe

suphing said...

and the lesson of the day is...

... should I ever need help from the dear *bunneh for a looong looong survey, I'll be nice and friendly for three days, and then ask.

*Hee... take care.