Sunday, November 06, 2005

Fan mail

Lisa oh Lisa why do you look so carefree and blissful in all your pictures? Lisa tell me how I can pull through this horrid-omg-I-want-to-
period of time tell MEEEE NOWW!!! How can you go on smiling at me like this??! Don't patronise me!!! Fuck, talk about in your face kill my morale attitude Lisa why????? I'm a fan!!!!!!!!!!

PS: I officially do not like zebrafish. Officially. Before taking developmental biology, I used to think they were ok. Funny lil buggers that swim on the surface of many household aquariums, usually hardy and live up to a good age with little vulnerability to disease. Now they can all go home and die.


meme said...

see. i insist that fishhies are only GOOD on THE TABLE. in this case, the pathetic minion of a zebrafish is bad. really bad.

kungfubunny said...

isn't it really sad that we are suffering in the minute presence of a pathetic little fishie?

greeneyedsinner said...

EXCUSE ME. Call me a bitch and an angsty adolescent bimbo ah. Not very nice to call your first friend in SAC that right.

kungfubunny said...


*surrenders kinder bueno.