Friday, September 23, 2005

bukit timah hill

Phew. Legs ache from yesterday's run and today, I conquered bt timah hill. Whoot! Ok, we just hiked for maybe under 2 hours, but hey, it's damn tiring ok. Was damn smelly after I got back, *foul bunneh.

So I sent my samsung d500c in for repair three days ago cos the LCD screen cracked. Yes, read: cracked. Uh huh. Oh yeah. That phone that was made for men, coarse men, to use. I dropped it on my bed, very lightly, and it cracked. And bled very pathetically, until the whole screen was sadly distorted. I thought it would cost almost 200bucks to repair it, but they did it for free, amazingly. When asked why (because the warranty doesn't cover such repairs), they just kept saying that first time, it's a "good-will" repair. Huh? Well, Abs thinks its so I won't tell everyone I know how fragile this 600-dollar phone is. And to think I only got it 2 months ago.

Having been forced to revert to the brother's old nokia 7250, I realised how much I missed having a nokia. Good 'ol reliable nokia. Still in good condition, save for the well-bashed exterior. Still, I wouldn't trade my 1.3meg phone camera for that. I'm glad I've got my baby back with meh.

It's funny, Abs' phone had problems too (that 675-dollar sony ericsson k750i. uh huh. Oh yeah.) cos it kept hanging and shutting down spontaneously. Reminded me of k li's mood swings a few years back. Ah haha. So we sent it to repair too, at wisma, just down the road from the samsung shop.

So this evening, after the sweaty afternoon in the jungle, squirrels and crab spiders, we headed down to orchard. And the whole crux of this entry is; we amazed ourselves, how much we ate.

Ok, how much I ate. On the walk from centerpoint to wisma, I had a snack at old chang kee, walked a bit more, finished it and got ice cream and bread at a jolly uncle's stall, walked a bit, got his phone, walked a bit, got a subway salad, walked a bit, got mango pudding at hui lau shan.

And I wasn't even full after all that. Yummy stuff.

So for those who want to watch Sound of Thunder, don't.

I talked to the midget online this afternoon! The bitch. Having fun in UBC still dare to complain. Miss you.

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