Wednesday, September 14, 2005


It's been a while, and a good while it's been. It's healthy once in a while, to take a break from cyberspace and well, any sort of technology at all, and get in touch with life. After all, handphones, mp3 players, laptops; are all antisocial devices.

By that of course, I mean school's getting tough. Self-delusion, I always say, is what we should learn. If nobody's gonna givashit about how you feel, you might as well make yourself feel better. And how you do that, is really none of my business.

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I sometimes wonder if it is worth it if I compromise on sleep the night before only to fall asleep during the 8am morning lecture.

It seems though, that if you put your mind to it, you can really stay awake. Even when I felt like dying of exhaustion, the 4 hour cladistics practical for evolution class was rather enjoyable. Mostly because we were playing with preserved crab specimens a good half of the time, careful not to breathe in the unpleasant fumes. Eugh. But oh, biologists have to bear with such things. Hey my spiders don't smell half as bad. I realise, it's the mice in the lab that stink the most. Hah! Tut tut, it's us mammals again that create the biggest stink anywhere. Invertebrates are much cleaner than their milk-producing friends.

"Oh my God, women are the cows of people!" - Reese, Malcom in the Middle

Sometimes you wonder, whether sitting in a stuffy boardroom in a stiff discussion with certain high brows is preferable to coaxing little hairy buggers out of their cages only to have them retaliate by giving you that arrogant wave of a foreleg and hopping away faster than you can say "SON OF A B**** **#%#$@**".

I think, as much as dressing up every day to impress that cute young exec sitting across from you is fun shit to humour myself with, I'd really much rather crawl in mud chasing after a frisky juvenile Thiania, or squat over a drain marvelling at a tiny toad, or hop around the park after the rain looking for snails to perform mass orgies.

The future unfortunately, looks as stuffy as the boardroom, 'cept without the big wigs and sexy coffee boys and hot secretaries. I'd probably have to be the coffee girl. Ya know, the fat one nobody checks out. That one with the bad complexion and nerdy glasses. Yeah. That one. The one nobody notices 'cos her coffee isn't wonderful anyway, and her memory so bad she can't remember if the boss liked cream in his coffee or not. Aw, shucks he drinks tea la, you bodoh.

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I know, I've been a bitch. Although I must say, my behavior is very commendable. At the launch of my journal yesterday, I had to speak to his ex. Uh huh. Oh yeah. Praise the bunneh!

I'm way behind in my spidey experiment, although I really can't help it 'cos the juveniles are just not growing fast enough. Don't tell me I don't feed them enough, methinks I've even been overfeeding them. Since the new supply of Drosophila came in its been FLY FEST every week.

Since the bunny's been nice, and only slightly naughty, she's gonna treat herself and her bunnehfriends to a little bonkywonkeh. HUZZAAAAH!

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