Friday, August 19, 2005


Whoever said eating off someone else was sexy, he/she got it right.

But the other way around, I can't say to be true, especially if you are ticklish (read: TICKLISH).

And also, stick to warm foods, like say, warm chocolate.
Cold yoghurt, is a no no.

So I met the darlings for lunch today and what can I say, but "I lub choo deep deep orrh memeeee!"

*cue ah lian accent*

*Waves* "Hi Ronnieeeeee!"

Devt bio lab today was uberfunckeh. We pollinated orchids (with pollen la.), planted kailan (brassica), propogated cauliflower plantlets and counted spirals in pine cones and pineapples. Hyuks. And I took photos can. Hilarious shit.

And the girls and I went for dinner at Marina and had a good time talking rubbish, lovelies. So apparently our friends from secondary school are getting pregnant, giving birth soon, gotten married etc. It's sad how we'd like to say "Shot gun, ah?" when we receive such news, instead of the usual "Oh I'm so happy for her!!" often uttered by older women.

Photos soon, bluetooth kooky. Or I'll just wait for k li to get hers up.

"The Maid" is OMFG how freakin' scary. Late night show some more. 7th month some more. Omg omg omg omg omg.


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