Wednesday, August 03, 2005

more work

So, I've been given more work for the union book :S My fault, for having gone missing for the hols, and for not being able to say no :S Lots of editing to do now.

And being psyched to run for union exco, ah nothankewihavealife.

Conexus is almost there, just some final edits from the proof to settle. Aaah, a pretty book it will be.

I hate having to play politics. Especially when you don't have a choice. I want to care but, I'm sorry, I just haven't the energy to. So now when people ask for advice on elections and alleged coalitions, I cannot be bothered. I care about the club and all, but sorry, I really don't have the energy anymore, please stop calling me.

The brother actually volunteered to sponsor braces, if I decide to put in braces that is. Bunny-no-more. But the future is uncertain, we'll have to see about that. And I'm wary of his intentions too. I'm civil to him, but him being so nice all of a sudden is just... creepy in a suspicious kind of way. Sigh. [hug here to k li. thanks for understanding, but don't worry your pretty lil head too much. I don't think there's much we can do.]

Looking forward to the party tomorrow night; not so looking forward to moving in, especially with this tremendously excruciating back pain (I wanna cry). Somewhat looking forward to rag day; not so looking forward to the all-nighter on rag night.

Oh well, necessary evils.

The midget is performing from tomorrow night at Macbeth. Poor dude is sick. Ah, Meme remind me to collect tickets.

p/s: I'm still waiting for someone who takes me seriously with this hair colour.

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