Tuesday, August 02, 2005

happy once again

The bastard's back, finally :p; which explains my absence from blog-land.

Sunday was awesome in so many ways. I was coerced into cleaning my room so that was awesome in a sniffly, dusty kinda way. I also met the boyfriend for dinner before watching John Pizzarelli dazzle the Esplanade concert hall with his quartet, but more about this awesome, $82-experience later.

Monday was awesome in a number of ways too, I finally settled the journal and sent it to print and that culmination of a year-long project was awesome awesome awesome (finally, some peace). And Abs came over in the morning and well we hadn't seen each other for a week so you can imagine ;p And I made it in time for the meeting at night which, inspite of the massive agenda, managd to close in 2 and a half hours, another awesome feat.

'Tis NUS flag day today, donate generously to the yellow people with cans.

Off to school again, I smell "busy" for the rest of the week.

Photowhores, go see meme for your fix.

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