Friday, August 26, 2005

24th aug

Can you imagine, sitting down for 4 hours interviewing just 5 people?

It just so happens that we've got a lot to say, and they have a lot of explaining to do. And it is amazing what politics will make you become; the effects are so apparent. You get dark rings under your eyes, your complexion appears sallow, you seem less energetic, you raise your voice nervously when an explanation is demanded, you change your story a few times before it becomes coherent, and the best part is when your "comrades" tell different stories. Why there is so much political tension, I have no idea, but if you couldn't handle it in the first place, why in hell churn up the waters at all? Spence says it's us who started the trend, but hey we were a team to begin with, nothing much to fight about really.

And I do feel guilty though, after one particularly bitchy interview that lasted an hour and a half, and we concurred that perhaps, our poor interviewee was going to have trouble sleeping last night.

But we were too tired to think about that, hunger demanded attention at 1130pm. Thank goodness for fong seng.

Dinner and Dance is tonight, and I'm going to bet with abs how many people will turn up in costumes. Painful to think about Uni0n Ball tomorrow, but I find comfort in knowing that, well, I haven't been to The Leg*nds before.

Photowhores! See k li for your fix.

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