Monday, July 25, 2005

A lab rat once again

So. I've decided that blogging in the lab is not exactly the best of ideas, especially if the prof has a habit of scuttling around behind me.

I've finally fed my babies, and so many have died. I think they died of old age cos those males have been with me for rather long, but I'd like to think they died of heartache from not seeing me for such a long time. Hush, mah sweet 8-legged babies.

You really must stop me from speaking this way, the day I take 'em out of their cages to speak to them like that, slap me quick and make sure it hurts.

Crazy lab rat.

Sunday, the neanderthal emerged.

The brother actually managed to wake up and get dressed before me to go for our Sunday breakfast. Amazing. And was rather chatty too.

I wonder, if the slut is on camp, at school, with someone else or dead. The last two options seem very appealing.

Sent Nu and the other Thai girls off at the airport and boy, seeing her say goodbye to her boyfriend just hurts. Tears and all... and it's like that everytime she leaves, or he leaves from Bangkok. I guess I will never understand what it's like in a long-distance relationship. And I'd hate to have to find out.

Bad night it was... and it didn't help that I couldn't call abs to talk when I really needed him. Wish he'd come back quick.

Of flies and Brandy-infused chocolate

So the stint at the lab wasn't as stressful as it used to be. Mostly because Meme was there and we had plenty to screech about, what with us not meeting the pre-req for 3 major modules since we never knew (or never bothered to find out) that general physio was a bloody pre-req.

Bidding won't be any exciting affair this sem, nobody wants to compete for a module on Animal Physio or Evolution or Ecology.

Andrew did flutter around in between experiments distributing Australian chocolates. He's the favourite lab guy now. Hyuks.

I feel like shopping. Meme, ai mai? Hehehe...

Back to the stove, I think I may have burnt something.

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