Thursday, July 07, 2005


Still on a high from the first few days of the summer programme. The lack of time, energy and patience to blog properly will thus entail the following very clinical, chronological log of the events of the past few days. Taaadaaa! *dingdingding*

Day 0: Discovery

Having arrived late to the hotel and my roomie calling me and asking where I was, I checked in, eagerly anticipating a friendly Thai face peeking out at me through the beroom door. But noo, haha, she went out with her Singaporean boyfriend to entertain herself. Wise move, considering I'm not much company myself anyways.

Decided to take a walk along Balestier Road, not that there is anything to see in the first place, other than budget hotels and convenience stores, but because it sure beats rotting in the hotel room alone.

Nu, my Thai roomie, is the sweetest person in the delegation. Thank goodness for that. So lucky meeee. Some are saying we even look alike.

After dinner, a smashing good time at Samar, Arab St. Drinks, food and good Sheesha. The foreigners had a great time.

Day 1: H-Dee-Bee

Seminar with His Excellency Mr Ong KY S-G of ASEA-N and Simon T from SII-A, followed by lunch and ahem, a visit to H-Dee-Bee at TPyh.

Then a trip to orchard where we had fast local food at Far East. Shiokness. But now my blazer smells of smoke.

Day 2: Pee-Ass-Aye

Seminar with the director of Dept SEA Studies NUS and Hassan H. the head of Sg Mercy Relief. Interesting stuff.

Then to a certain large corporation (read header) for a coach tour of the wharf. Horrid lady who brought us around. Some quips:

"We don't really give tours here so when we have people like you coming to visit, we have to take time off from our real jobs and take you around."

"What? No questions? Then how, shall we just cancel the tour now?"

"My uncle was the CEO."

"I've worked here for one and a half years."

"Oh My Gawd, those containers are stacked wrongly! Oh My Gawd, this is terrible. Oh My Gawd, for all the time I've worked here I've never seen that before. Oh My Gawd."

"If there are no more questions I will end the tour now so I can go back to my real job."

Piss ass bitch.

Predictably, the next visit was most welcomed as we went down to the Motorol-a regional HQ at AMK area for a corporate presentation and a factory tour. Interesting shit, plus being treated like VIPs. Motorol-a Rocks.

Chinatown and the chinese theatre circle. Had tea after dinner there and a nice talk and demonstration on traditional cantonese theatre. Brilliant.

Ended up at little india for a good walk among the Indians and prostitutes (took a very unadvisable walk through Desker Rd). Love that place.

Day 3: Decadence

Started the day at 7am and made our way to Bintan Island. Was very well looked after by the Banyan Tree people. Never had a friendlier welcome anywhere. Plus exclusive tours of their spas and villas, followed by a fantastic lunch. I wish I had photos but they aren't ready yet. Had a nice disucssion on the directions Banyan Tree was heading and some interesting things about their CSR work.

People should not be allowed to stay in such resorts. Pure sin. Bleah.

usd$1300 a night OKAY.

It's day 4 now. Long day ahead. Will blog more later.

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